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Why Do It?

To capture a moment in time. To capture a mood. To translate feelings into pictures. To create the best images possible using light to dictate mood and quality. For the love of people, and the privilege of being able to take a peek into their homes. To have the opportunity to work as a member of a team

to create a layout that represents the values and aesthetics of a client.


To use my skills as an artist, while building a business based on extremely high standards and customer satisfaction. I do it because I want to make my clients look good, it is a source of pride for me. It is a privilege to be surrounded by crafts people and entrepreneurs who need visual representation of who they are, and what they do. I love my trade,

I hope it shows.

Who Am I?

My friends and colleagues call me “Berly”. I was born and raised in Minnesota until I went off to college at the University of Wisconsin,

Madison where I studied Fine Arts. I credit being “burly” to my midwest roots… where there was never a shortage of hard

work and plenty of opportunity to appreciate and be outdoors.


While growing up, I was heavily influenced by the artistic people around me. My grandfather was a very well known wildlife artist, my mother a folk artist and my father had an eye for architecture and home design. The people who influenced me were those who taught me how to "see”. They taught me that just because you are looking at something, doesn’t necessarily mean you “see” it. My desire to further hone my artistic skills lead me to The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver, where I graduated with a degree in Photography. I reside in the Vail Valley, and take full advantage of what the stunning Rocky Mountains have to offer. I am an avid skier, biker, runner and obsessive dog lover. I travel extensively for work, photographing locally, nationally and abroad. I shoot for a wide variety of clients and my work has appeared in multiple publications and books. When not photographing for work, I love to explore the beauty that surrounds me and snap images along the way for inspiration and for pleasure!


Felice Varini, Grand Palais, Paris 2013

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